Counseling Center


Aiming to increase the mental fitness of the student and to prevent mental damages, the counseling center has started its activities from 1386 and gives services in the following sections:

  • Counseling section

There are counseling services in different fields of educational, family, relational, marital, emotional, mental and psychological problems.

  • Educational section

Educating students to promote mental health in workshops with the following subjects:

  • Personal growth
  • Teaching the student life skills
  • Pre-marital education
  • Organized in each term with the presence of competent teachers.

Already done activities:

  • Giving counseling services to students in emotional, educational, relational and family fields.
  • Giving pre-marital and self-recognition workshops in 2010-2011
  • Providing psychological books, CDs, catalogues …. for the students.

Institute counselor: Somayeh Pouya

Time: Sunday and Tuesday

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