Duties and powers of the President


Supervising the correct implementation of educational, research, cultural, student, administrative affairs and services and all of the internal and international communications of the university; coordinating different units; responding to related authorities; defining university policies with regard to scientific, educational and research policies; directing cultural, educational, research and administrative activities; providing annual reports to the Board of Trustees; supervising the correct implementation of the current activities and tracking problems and possible violations and referring them to the competent authorities; establishing coordination between different sections of the University by monitoring their activities and establishing contact with other institutes of the related governmental organizations; responsibility of financial and administrative affairs within the set limits; employment and dismissal of the presidium and faculty deans and managers of the related institutes (respecting the rules and regulations)

Proposing collaboration with other educational and research institutes

Being representative of the university for the related units

Monitoring disciplinary affairs


Subsets of the office

Management of public relations

Technical management and supervising developmental plans

Managing plans, projects and budget

Managing protection

Protecting university profits and preventing problems

Law office

It deals with law suits and claiming of the university

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