Public relations office


اAiming to apply a set of conscious relational activities based on research and plan and with an approach of confidence promotion and continuous support of audience, the public relation office of the university shows its commitment to principles of quality management and announces the policies of its quality management system as follows:

  • Improving activities and internal processes of public relations office continuously
  • Increasing productivity and effectiveness of Ceremonies, scientific seminars and meetings
  • Increasing productivity and empowering employees through training and enhancing knowledge of personnel with specialization approach
  • Developing electronic public relations techniques and other tools of modern public relations
  • Preparing public opinion in implementing projects and programs
  • Developing information seeking and information giving in national and international aspects in order to build confidence in different areas of university
  • Developing and increasing partnership in senor manager's decision making via making counseling centers, research projects and thought evaluation in the framework of the developed strategies
  • Increasing the quality and coverage of the newsletter of Amirkabir University of Technology
  • Deepening and developing useful and effective communication within and outside the university to provide common interests
  • Increasing and making income through professional marketing


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