Personnel office

Personnel department has various topics in institutes and in the history of institute establishment, among which are, staff and personnel affairs management, human industry management, employment affair, management of human capitals ….


Human capital management, in fact includes human aspects of management as human is an important factor in achieving institutional and management goals. Therefore, nowadays human resources are essential in every organization. The goal of human capital management is improving staff collaboration and assisting better performance.


  • Providing administrative and technical staff required, contacting the authorities of the University
  • Training and developing manpower and developing management of compensation system and incentive
  • Performing evaluation system
  • Planning and developing career development path
  • Promoting mental and physical safety and health
  • Ameliorating human resource relations
  • Analyzing and designing job
  • Applying and enforcing laws and regulations to non-faculty and faculty members
  • Doing the processes related to faculty and non-faculty members'retiring
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